Have you bought a property or do you want to close your mortgage, you will need a valuation report. Paul van Dooren is a certified estate agent and valuations are carried out in accordance with NVM and CRMT standards. Our valuation reports are accepted at all banks and mortgage lenders.

Are you closing a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) then you will need a NWWI-valuation. However, more banks require that NWWI-valuation in all cases should be applied. Paul van Dooren is registered at NWWI, which allows us to make these kind of valuation reports as well.

We always ensure a good an fast processing of the valuation report so you can get the approval for your mortgage application as quick as possible. Feel free to inform our rates for a standard valuation or a NWWI-valuation.

Instant NWWI-valuation request? Click here.