We provide purchase guidance in Amsterdam, Haarlem and surroundings and ‘t Gooi.

The philosophy of Paul van Dooren makelaardij is that anyone can buy a house or apartment. But have you thought of everything? Are you paying the right price? Is the apartment you have found really the best option? Did you think of all the legal aspects? What about the structural condition? Land lease... what does that mean and what can you expect in the future? And so there are 100 more questions that we can ask you. Paul van Dooren makelaardij ensures that all of these questions are answered so you can make the right decision. Our advice is honest and sincere and our goal is to find the perfect home which suits your wishes and needs. The house must have the right feeling. In doubt our search continues.

What can you expect from us:

  • Discuss and prioritize your search criteria
  • Providing properties that complies with the selection criteria
  • Schedule appointments and guidance at all viewings
  • Advice on price, marketability, neighborhood, legal aspects and structural condition, etc.
  • Formulation of the bid with the necessary conditions and the negotiations
  • Assistance with the formulation and signing of the purchase contract
  • Inspection of the property before the delivery and guidance with the actual delivery
  • after sales

Our services are based on a mutual trust to achieve the most optimal result. Among other references you can read how others have experienced the services of Paul van Dooren makelaardij. Would you like to experience it yourself, please contact us to make an appointment without any obligations. This can take place at our office, but also at your home or at work ... just what suits you.